Designer Catbox Litter Box

Once you start looking for litter box furniture, you will find that there are a lot of choices out there. If you have furnished your home with darker colored wooden furniture, then you may like to consider purchasing the Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure which comes in a rich espresso finish.

This litter box has a beautiful black stained wood veneer and a lovely wood grain finish.  It has been designed to resemble an indoor bench and features a classic panel effect on the front. Standing on four short posts, this unit will look elegant in any setting. Visitors will unlikely realize that the bench has a full sized litter box hidden away inside of it.

Features And Specifications

When you open the lid of the Designer Catbox Litter Box you will discover that this unit is separated into two sections. In one section you will be able to place the cat litter box and the other section acts like a lobby area.  It has been designed this way so that your cat will not be able to kick the litter out onto your floor.  The internal lobby acts as an extra buffer zone.

The lid of this box is fixed with safety hinges so that that the lid will stay open and in place whenever you need to change the litter tray or clean out the inside of the box.

The complete measurement for the Designer Catbox Litter Box is 29.1″ long by 20.6″ wide by 20.8″ tall. This makes it perfect for a standard size litter tray to sit inside.  The measurement for the internal entrance hole is 7.5″ wide by 8″ high.  This size should be more that adequate to fit most cats.  If you prefer to use a larger cat litter tray, then this unit will be able to accommodate most of them.  In order to do this, you would not install the interior entrance.

You also have the option to decide which side you would prefer to have the exterior opening.  This will all depend on where you decide to position the box in your home. The unit will need to be assembled when you receive it but you will get detailed instructions and it will only need a screwdriver in order to get the job done.


If you are looking for a place to hide your cat’s litter tray in a way that will compliment the rest of your home furnishings, then the Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure may be the perfect choice for you. The unit is comes highly recommended by many customers at and is definitely a beautiful piece of furniture that will work well in most homes.

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