Merry Pet Cat Night Stand Pet House

Finding the right litter box furniture for your cat does not have to be a chore. If you live in a small home you will want something that is practical and multi-functional. One such example that even has extra storage space is the Merry Pet Cat Washroom.

These days it is possible to purchase litter box furniture that can easily blend in and look like part of the normal furnishings of your home. If your home décor features white cupboards or other white furnishings and paint, then this could be the perfect choice for you. The Merry Pet Cat Night Stand pet house is made from white fiberboard with detailed wainscoting panel work on the side. It is really beautifully designed and has some great customer reviews at

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Specification And Details

There is a large cabinet at the bottom which is big enough for you to place a cat litter tray inside. The size of the door also makes it convenient for you to remove and clean the tray easily when the time comes. The cabinet door adds the extra benefit of allowing you to close away the litter tray as you do not really want it to be plain sight all day long.

The cabinet door has an opening carved out of its center. This is big enough so that your pet can climb in and out of it without any problems at all.

Litter Box Furniture With Extra Storage Space

The upper level of the cabinet also has a very useful shelf. Depending on where you decide to place this unit, you can use it for other pet related accessories or, if you choose to put it in the bathroom of your home, you could use the extra storage space for towels and other toiletries.

There is also a very handy metal rail on the side, which you could also use to hold a towel.

Dimensions And Warranty

It will take no time at all to assemble the Merry Pet Cat Night Stand in your home. Once it is completely assembled this pet house measures 18.5 x 16.5 x 18.5 inches. You will also get a one year warranty when you purchase this unit.

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