Pet Studio Cat Litter Box Cabinet

It used to be the norm to just leave a cat litter box out in the kitchen or bathroom for all to see. These days, however, people prefer to remove this sort of thing from sight as it just doesn’t look very nice in your home and there can sometimes be an issue with the smell as well.

Fortunately, there are some great solutions to this problem. One is to purchase furniture that has a practical and multi-purpose function. A great example is the Pet Studio Cat Litter Box Mahogany Storage Cabinet. This is an all in one pet house and storage solution system that would work well in any home.

This particular unit has a two door cabinet with an enclosed drawer. One one side there is a very large opening where your cat will be able to climb in and out without any issues. The enclosed drawer is an ideal place for you to store any other pet related accessories that you may want to have close by, such as a little scoop or additional cat litter.

Inside the Pet Studio cabinet there is plenty of space for a litter tray. The unit is made so that you can fit a standard size litter box so you will have no trouble with any additional mess.  Due to the enclosed nature of this cabinet, any odor from the litter box will be adequately concealed.  Because it is fully enclosed, this unit will also provide your cat with much needed privacy.

Specifications And Features

As you can see in the images, the Pet Studio is a dark mahogany cabinet unit. It is a self assembled unit that once put together measures 28 x 19 x 24 inches. The door knobs are made from faux antique-brass and the cabinet doors have magnetized closures.

This mahogany unit would suit any home that has a classical style décor and traditional furnishings. With the large flat surface, you can easily place your choice of ornaments or even your television unit on it. It could also be used as a side table or an end table depending on your needs.

So if you are looking for multi functional furniture that will work in the space that you have, then Pet Studio Cat Litter Box might to the perfect choice for you and your pet. You gain the added advantage of being able to enclose the litter box and use the surface for your things and your cat gets to have a little space that he or she can call their own.

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